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  • Gary Strobel

    Gary Strobel

    Gary Strobel is an ABC certified and Texas licensed prosthetist. Gary has been in the prosthetic field since 1981. Gary attended school for prosthetics at Shelby State in Tennessee. Gary was previously with a large prosthetic company as the Lower Extremity Specialist. Since the opening of Strobel & Associates Prosthetics and Orthotics, Inc. in January, 2001, Gary has made it a personal goal to provide only state of the art, custom prostheses. Gary is an innovative and creative prosthetist drawing on his art background to provide the amputee with a well functioning, comfortable, and aesthetically pleasing prosthesis. He is an "out of the box" thinker and is known for his work with hard-to-fit patients. Gary specializes in the MAS socket for transfemoral amputees and a unique supracondylar-suprapatellar socket for transtibial amputees. Gary is also known for his ability to create beautiful personalized cosmetic covers.

  • Natalie Stewart

    Natalie Stewart

    Natalie was first exposed to the world of O & P as a child as Gary Strobel is her uncle and he is married to Lillian Strobel who is a transfemoral amputee. Natalie obtained her prerequisites at the University of Texas and Austin Community College before transferring to the University of Texas Southwestern in Dallas. Natalie graduated from UT Southwestern with a BS in Orthotics & Prosthetics in 2008. She moved to California to complete her orthotic residency at the University of California San Francisco specializing in pediatric orthotics and the acute hospital setting. Natalie completed her residency in California in 2009. Following her residency, Natalie worked at a privately owned O & P facility in Fort Worth. Natalie joined the Strobel and Associates team in March of 2014, bringing orthotics to the facility. Natalie is an ABC certified prosthetist and orthotist. Natalie is also licensed with the state of Texas in prosthetics and orthotics. She enjoys the opportunity to help patients achieve their goals.

  • Candy Paquette

    Candy Paquette

    Candy Paquette is a Texas licensed prosthetic and orthotic assistant. Candy is an ABC certified prosthetic assistant. Candy has been in the prosthetic profession since 1998. Candy has been an accomplished transfemoral amputee since 1968 and wears many hats including patient counselor, technician and marketer. She is able to pass along many years of experience to our patients. Candy has an Associates of Science as well as a Bachelor’s degree from Texas Woman’s University in Sociology and Women’s Studies. Candy is a dedicated volunteer at local hospitals and libraries with her therapy dogs, Mabel and Opal.

  • Stacey Pryor

    Stacey Pryor

    Stacey is Strobel & Associates' Director of Marketing. Stacey's duties include, but are not limited to, educating health professionals of our prosthetic and orthotic services. Stacey is a transfemoral (above the knee) amputee due to trauma. Stacey became a patient of Gary's in 2012; even after leaving the state, she traveled to Texas to see Gary. Stacey is currently working to obtain her prosthetic and orthotic assistant certification and license. Stacey has extensive experience with many different prosthetic components. Stacey has worked as an area sales manager and as a patient model for a major prosthetic component manufacturer. This allowed Stacey to work with many different prosthetists to provide optimal solutions for their patients. Stacey brings with her not only professional knowledge but experience living as an amputee since 1999. Stacey is a valuable resource in many areas of our practice.

  • Lydia Schier

    Lydia Schier

    Lydia is the office manager of Strobel & Associates. Lydia has a Bachelor’s degree from Texas A&M University in Business Management. Lydia has over 17 years of office management experience. Lydia keeps the business operations running smoothly and is the friendly, knowledgeable voice that greets you on the phone when you call. Lydia handles our insurance verifications, preauthorizations, claims submissions and billing at Strobel & Associates and negotiates with the insurance companies to ensure our patients receive the prostheses and orthoses they deserve. Lydia serves as our patient advocate when speaking to the insurance companies allowing us to provide the latest, technologically advanced devices.

  • Mabel Paquette

    Mabel Paquette

    Mabel is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is a registered therapy dog with Therapy Dogs, Inc. since 2012 and with Pet Partners since 2013. Mabel has been a part of the Strobel & Associates team since 2010 greeting our patients and bringing smiles to their faces. Mabel is known for her loud snoring while sleeping on Candy’s desk. Mabel joins Candy in her volunteering at Plano Presbyterian Hospital, the Seay Center, Day Surgery Center, Children’s Health Plano and numerous assisted living facilities. Mabel is also a READ dog at the Frisco, McKinney and Allen libraries, and at Anderson Elementary where the children enjoy reading to her in a calm, non-judgmental atmosphere.

  • Opal Paquette

    Opal Paquette

    Opal is a Cavalier King Charles Spaniel and is our newest addition at Strobel & Associates. Opal is currently in training to join her sister, Mabel, as a registered therapy dog.