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Strobel & Associates Prosthetics & Orthotics is a full-service company that provides professional, high-quality custom prosthetic and orthotic services to clients of all ages, from pediatrics to geriatrics. Strobel & Associates Prosthetics & Orthotics is available to answer questions regarding the fit, function, use, and care of all prosthetic and orthotic devices.

Jennifer turned to her right posing with her above knee prosthesis Jennifer turned to her left posing with her above knee prosthesis
Jennifer looks fabulous in her jeans, modeling her above knee prosthesis. We provide outstanding cosmetics.

Our services are designed around the specific needs of the patient. We can also fabricate customized prostheses for specific activities, such as running, swimming, showering, and skiing. To determine if a patient needs a specialty prosthesis, our certified prosthetists discuss with each patient what their goals are and how to achieve them.

Ashley running with her first running prosthesis
Ashley is thrilled with her very first running prosthesis, exhibiting great form. Go, Ashley, Go!
Candy riding a bike with her above knee prosthesis
Our prosthetic patients continue to enjoy active lifestyles.

We understand the fit and function of the socket is the most important part of the prosthesis and that it is our job to ensure the quality of the socket. We work closely with prosthetic manufacturers to remain current with new technological advances including microprocessor knees and hydraulic ankles. We are currently working with independent engineers trying to develop advances in socket technology.

Hoody posing with his colorfully decorated prosthesis
Our below knee patient, Hoody really enjoys showing off his colorful prosthesis. Thanks to the Department of Rehabilitative Services, Hoody is able to carry out his activities of daily living after being in a wheelchair for an extended period of time.

We provide comprehensive orthotic care from head to toe. Our services include foot orthoses, ankle foot orthoses (AFOs), knee ankle foot orthoses (KAFO), knee orthoses (KOs), spinal orthoses (TLSOs, LSOs), post-operative orthoses including IROMs and hip abduction orthoses. We provide comprehensive evaluations to ensure your orthosis is the best for you and your lifestyle.

Very life-like silicon cover modeled next to the patient's foot
We can provide custom silicone covers through ARTech Lab that are extremely realistic.